Signs Someone Truly Cares for You

By Rachel Puryear

We all love to hear that someone cares about us. But what’s even more important than loved ones telling us how much they care, is them showing that they do through their actions – even if they don’t always say how they feel.

Furthermore, there are nefarious types of people out there who will say they care about you, but their actions speak otherwise – because they were just looking to get something else out of you all along (see here and here and here).

Accordingly, it’s actions, rather than their words, which tells you how someone really feels about you. Therefore, let’s explore how a person shows you they care for you:

Two children walking towards the beach, from behind, with their arms around one another. By Juan Pablo Rodriguez.

They Prioritize You

Someone who cares about you doesn’t just enjoy your company when it’s convenient for them, or put your friendship/relationship on ice as a back-up until they’ve got “nothing better to do”.

Someone who makes you a priority puts you and treats what you have together as important. They make time for you even when they’re busy, and are happy to see you.

The word of “Important” on a post-it note against pink background.

Someone who really cares about you treats you like a priority, not just an option.

They Sacrifice for You – In Big and Small Ways

Someone who cares for you won’t just be there for you when it’s convenient for themselves, and when it’s mainly in their own interest to do so. They’ll have your back even when it’s hard for them to be on your side, and when you need them.

That can include big sacrifices, like taking on hardship to help you get an education or moving to a neighborhood that’s closer to more of your friends and family (and hopefully you would do the same for such a person).

Teenage volunteer holding tray of sandwiches at a soup kitchen.

That can include smaller sacrifices, too; like learning how to cook without foods you’re allergic to, or going to your favorite restaurant instead of theirs, or taking care of you while you’re sick rather than going out and having fun without you, and listening when you need to be heard even when it’s uncomfortable for them (and again, hopefully you’re also doing these same things, too, for someone else who cares about you).

They Forgive Your Mistakes

We all mess up in life, every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a huge, life-changing mistake, necessarily – even several smaller mistakes can add up to take a greater toll than the sum of their parts.

Couple hugging each other closely. By Gus Moretta.

Someone who cares about you won’t just ditch you because you made a mistake (assuming you didn’t intentionally or recklessly hurt them or ruin their life). They may be upset if the mistake created a lot of problems, but they’ll want to forgive and work on preventing that mistake from happening again.

They Respect You

Someone who cares about you treats you with respect and dignity, and honors your boundaries. There’s just no two ways about that. They think about the impact their actions will have on you before they act, in general (and hopefully you also do the same).

Several hands with many skin tones holding up multi-colored letters spelling “Respect”.

They regard your rights and needs as being as important as theirs. They regard you as equal in worth to them, and as deserving of all good things in life.

They Look Out for You

Someone who cares for you has your back around others. They will take your side and come to your defense where someone else is giving you a hard time. Even if they don’t entirely agree with you either, they’ll talk to you privately about it rather than throw you under the bus in front of someone being rude to you.

An adult bird protecting a baby bird. By Ray Hennessy.

They will also look after you in smaller, more everyday ways, too. This can include, as examples; things like suggesting you get rest when needed – and even taking some of your chores so you can do so, checking that you buckled up before they start driving, picking up what you need too at the store when they go, and so forth.

They will show up for you in ways big and small, and they won’t make lame excuses for not doing so.

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