How Empaths View Wealth Differently Than Most Others Do (Part 5 of a Series)

By Rachel Puryear

Welcome to Part 5, the final Part of a Series of 5 on Empaths and Finances! This post will cover how empaths tend to view wealth differently than most other people do.

The introductory post to this series gave an overview, and can be reread here. Part 1 of the series, about how empaths can shift their mindset around money to attract abundance and wealth energy, can be read here. Part 2 of the series, about how empaths can build better boundaries with others around money, can be read here. Part 3 of the series, about satisfying and supportive careers for empaths, can be read here. Part 4 of the series, about ways to a better life that many empaths overlook, can be read here.

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Most people view having a greater level of wealth as a path to a better, and easier, life. Certainly, that’s not wrong. On the one hand; no, money does not fix everything; and there are very important things in life that it does not buy. At the same time; yes; it does fix, or at least help, with a lot of very important needs. Additionally, regarding the important things money cannot buy (love, companionship, peace), a better financial position makes it easier for people to attain and support these intangible and priceless essentials.

Empaths tend to also view wealth in terms of how much good it can do. When those we love are struggling and going through hardship, we often wish we had more to help them with (if we don’t). When we learn about the awesome work done by many nonprofits, we give what we can, but we still wish we could afford to give more. When we see a loved one working hard, yet rarely getting a break; we would love to be able to send them on a nice vacation, or pay for a really fun and relaxing time for them. We often dream of having more, in very large part so that we could do more – and if we could, then we would.

Of course, let’s be honest here – empaths’ attitudes about wealth are not entirely altruistic. We empaths do tend to enjoy the finer things in life, and we prize both big and small comforts – sometimes we enjoy these even more than most other people do. We sometimes deny this aspect of ourselves, but it’s true more often than we want to admit.

Our heightened sensory sensitivity helps us appreciate the taste of fine foods, enjoy the feel of quality materials, and be moved by exquisite beauty and gorgeous sound in a way that few non-empaths ever can. So, we should enjoy these gifts, rather than be needlessly modest.

We also appreciate having things like reduced stress in life, enough down time, and plenty of time for fun and enjoyment. Having more wealth certainly helps with having enough of all of these things.

There is nothing wrong with empaths enjoying wealth. We usually want others to enjoy right along with us, so we are usually as generous as we can afford to be. There is no need for us to feel guilty for having good things.

At the same time, we are usually not greedy or snobby people. We aren’t the types to look down on people for being less fortunate.

Despite our particular penchant for the finer things in life; counterintuitively, we empaths can also be quite frugal if we need to be. We are not materialistic, and even for discretionary spending, we like to look for good deals.

We are able to live quite simply if that’s the only way to live below our means – and we do tend to live below our means, so that we can save money. While we do enjoy the finer things in life very much if we can afford it, we will usually be more frugal if our circumstances call for it, rather than constantly indebt ourselves just to keep up with the Joneses.

Hopefully we are investing what we save, too! We empaths are often naturally savvy investors due to our conscientious nature, and most of us probably have more of a knack for this than we realize. We usually work hard and diligently, and we need not have any qualms about letting our money work for us; so that we can create a better life for ourselves and for those we love.

Sometimes, in families and organizations, empaths will avoid taking charge and being the one to manage the finances. This may be out of a misguided belief that we are simply not cut out for doing so, or we may decide to let others have their way in order to keep the peace. However, not only are we just as good as anyone else about managing finances, but we actually tend to be better than most at it. Therefore, even if we don’t take sole charge of the finances in our dealings with others, we should at least take an active role in such, rather than simply leaving it to others.

Furthermore, it’s awesome to help others, but empaths also need to take care of their own needs first. Always remember that one cannot pour from an empty cup. The more we take care of ourselves, and meet our own needs consistently, the more we have to give to others. That goes for all matters, financial and otherwise. If we remember this and act accordingly, it will be difficult for us to go wrong.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to your viewing wealth in a way that empowers and enriches you, and helps you best take care of yourself and those you care about. If you enjoyed this content and want to see more of it, please hit “like” and subscribe, if you do not do so already. xoxo

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