We Have New Kittens!! Yay!!

By Rachel Puryear

I am very pleased and proud to announce that Kwame and I have recently adopted three new kittens. We got them from Pets in Need, a local animal shelter in Palo Alto, California. This organization is very well run, and seems to take great care of pets being adopted and awaiting adoption.

Kwame and I were initially thinking to get a pair of two kittens. When we met this trio, we loved them so much and could not decide – we simply could not leave one behind. I then asked Kwame if there was any way he would consider just taking all three. He then said that in fact, he was also just wondering if he could convince me to take all three! So we took all three, and I’m so glad we did, because they all seem really close to each other.

So, I thought I’d introduce these incredibly cute little guys! They are now 9 weeks old, and all litter mates. Prepare yourself for much cuteness:

Here are the three of them, eating their first wet food meal after I brought them home. They all have good appetites – that’s a great sign!

Three kittens, each eating wet food out of a tray.

Here’s Leela (girl), enjoying having me hold her laying back:

Kitten laying back with her arms open.

Here’s also Leela, relaxing in a new cat bed:

Kitten laying on side in a cat bed.

Here’s Bender (boy), looking at the camera while laying on the bed:

Kitten looking at the camera.

Here’s also Bender napping on the bed, next to his human dad (Kwame):

Kitten laying on bed on top of his human dad.

Here’s Amy (girl) looking up at me while laying in a new cat bed:

Kitten looking up while laying in a cat bed.

Here’s also Amy, laying on her side on our bed:

Kitten laying on side on bed.

Thank you for sharing in our delight and joy in bringing these little guys into our home. There will be many more pictures to come! Enjoy!

Thank you for reading, following, and sharing, dear readers. xoxo

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