Edgewood Park and Preserve in San Carlos, CA

By Rachel Puryear

Nestled in the south Peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area, is one of the region’s best kept secrets: Edgewood Park and Preserve.

If you’re in the area and haven’t hiked this one yet, then you’re in for a treat.

This region offers temperate weather, and proximity to plenty of amenities.

The park offers serene forests, gorgeous flowers and abundant wildlife, and sweeping views of the Bay Area. It’s also just slightly off the beaten path, so you can have peace and quiet here.

Here are some photos of this beautiful park:

View from top of green hill in Edgewood park.

Trail through meadow during summer.

Butterfly on yellow flower with red flecks.

Bee on purple flower.

Pink wildflowers in grassy meadow.

Deer eating grass in a meadow (zoomed in).

Lizard in the sun, on a piece of wood.

Forest of trees.

Sun coming over the hill, framed by leafy trees.

Want to visit this lovely park? See here for more about visiting Edgewood Park and Preserve.

As always, enjoy your time out in nature.

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2 responses to “Edgewood Park and Preserve in San Carlos, CA”

  1. So pretty! It looks like the sort of place I could spend many happy hours

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    1. Indeed! Thank you for your readership. ❤

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