Grand Teton National Park

By Rachel Puryear

If you’re visiting Yellowstone National Park – which I highly recommend, by the way – make some time to also stop by the neighboring Grand Teton National Park, too, minutes away from Yellowstone.

Grand Teton may be less well known that Yellowstone, but that doesn’t mean it deserves to be overlooked – this underrated beauty is well worth a visit, too.

Check out stunning pictures of this awesome park!

Fun fact: The name “Grand Teton” is based on a French phrase for “big breasts”. If you look at the gorgeous mountain ranges in the park, you can see where they got the inspiration for that name! 😉

The Grand Teton, with the mountain ranges reflected in the water.

The mountain ranges are strikingly gorgeous. Reflected brilliantly in the clear, deep blue lakes, they’re quite a sight to behold. Of course, the views are even better in person!

Clear blue lake at Grand Teton. By Jonny Auh.

The park is abundant with lakes to enjoy water activities in or just picnics nearby, with plenty of tranquil spots.

Grand Teton with snow in Winter. By Joel Holland.

It’s beautiful here in all seasons – just know that the Winters are harsh and cold in this area. If you’re up for that, though, you will definitely beat the crowds.

Grand Teton with clouds overhead at dusk. By Nate Foong.

As with many hauntingly beautiful locations, the views and colors change throughout the day. Sunrises and sunsets here are incredible.

See here for more about visiting Grand Teton National Park.

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