Coyote Point Park in San Mateo, CA

By Rachel Puryear

One great thing about the San Mateo, California area – located about 15-20 miles south of San Francisco – is its abundance of parks and green spaces. Though it is part of a large metro area, there are still plenty of places to get away from it all, and just enjoy the outdoors.

The Coyote Point Recreation area is one of these parks in San Mateo County, and is a long beloved favorite of locals.

For empathic people, spending time in nature and getting outdoors is one of the best things for us. It lifts our spirits, it tends to energize us, and helps counteract the stress and overstimulation we’re prone to. Besides, it’s gorgeous and there’s fresh air.

Anyway, here’s more about Coyote Point, and why it’s well worth a visit next time you’re in this area:

A trail through the trees, with view of the shore, at Coyote Point.

Coyote Point offers a diverse array of outdoor delights – there’s a beach on the San Francisco Bay, there’s trails with plenty of trees, there are playgrounds and fields for the kids, there’s a nature museum as well as historical points, and there’s a marina.

Accordingly, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Coyote Point beach,
Magic Mountain playground at Coyote Point.
Aerial view of Coyote Point Marina, and the San Francisco Bay.

A couple notes about visiting Coyote Point:

  • Dogs are allowed, leashed, in designated areas. This is part of a new dog pilot program.
  • Picnic areas are available for reservation.
  • A vehicle entry fee of $6 per vehicle is charged, though some may qualify for a fee waiver.
  • The weather in this area is generally mild year round, though it can be windy at Coyote Point – therefore, a light jacket is advisable.
  • Find out more about visiting Coyote Point here.

If you’re in the San Mateo area, be sure to put a visit to Coyote Point park on your to-do list!

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