Easy Ways You Can Help Afghan Refugees Right Now

By Rachel Puryear

Dear readers, as empathic people, we naturally like to help others in need. We also believe strongly in personal freedom, and in the principle that people should be empowered to live their lives on their terms. Empaths, despite tending to be low-key and non-confrontational, can be surprisingly fierce and energized in defending others who need help.

At this time, the people of Afghanistan face a grave threat to their personal freedoms and human rights, with the return of a notoriously oppressive and violent regime under the Taliban. This threat is especially severe for Afghan women and children, and other vulnerable members of society.

Satellite image of people fleeing to the Kabul airport in Afghanistan last week.

You might be wondering how you can help, but are not sure what you can do. There are several easy ways that you can help them right now. NPR has compiled a list of simple steps you can take right now to help Afghan refugees. According to NPR, these include the following:

Thank you dear readers, for your willingness to consider helping others in need. As always, thank you for reading, following, and sharing; and if you don’t already, please subscribe. Here’s to the pursuit of freedom and equality for all.

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