Do You Doubt Yourself a Lot? Good News: That Makes You More Credible, and More Likely to Grow

By Rachel Puryear

Do you often struggle with self-doubt? Next to someone who is super confident that they are right about everything and never seems to question themselves, do you sometimes feel lesser by comparison? Do you start to secretly wonder if you’ve got it all wrong, and others must understand things much better than you do?

Woman looking up and placing finger beneath her mouth as though she is uncertain, with a question mark bubble above her head.

If you do often doubt yourself, and wonder if people who disagree with you see something you don’t, consider this: You are more believable, not less, than someone who is cocky and never doubts for a moment that they are right about absolutely everything. And regarding things you do need to work on, you are more likely to follow through.

Of course, too much self-doubt can create other problems, and there are ways to overcome that without negating the great personal qualities that tend to accompany self-doubt. However, the focus of this post is on those great personal qualities that tend to be present in people who tends towards self-doubt rather than unmerited confidence.

Where there is self-doubt, there is also humility. A person who questions themselves is able to consider the fact that they could be wrong. This opens the door to reflection, self-improvement, and the ability to see problems and disagreements from multiple angles. Furthermore, such a person tends to be receptive to helpful feedback, which gives them the benefit of different perspectives from other people.

Overconfident people are those whose sense of knowledge, skill, wisdom, and other merits greatly and frequently exceeds their actual capabilities. Such people tend to also be blind to their shortcomings. People who are overconfident in their abilities are even worse than just annoying and obnoxious. They have difficulty seeing where they are wrong or need improvement. So they are unlikely to strive for truth, improve their knowledge, or better themselves. Furthermore, they tend to be hostile to criticism, which discourages others from providing them with useful feedback.

A defiant-looking rooster in a field.

Therefore, if you doubt yourself a lot, take heart. You are a better person than you would be if you never questioned yourself and were uninterested in improving. Hopefully, knowing this will be a start to help you avoid a crippling level of self-doubt. Whether you realize it now or not, you are in so many ways far ahead of overconfident folks – and it’s important to be able to see that, and to speak up.

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to your balancing healthy humility with the type of confidence that comes with personal growth.

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