Our Kittens are Settling In Well!

By Rachel Puryear, Cat Mama

Kwame and I are proud to say that our three recently adopted kittens, Amy, Leela, and Bender; are all settling into their home now. We are really enjoying them! They bring us lots of joy, fun, snuggles, and purrs every day. ❤ And we are pleased to say that after their recent first vet visit, they are all thankfully healthy, too. Here are some more cute photos to enjoy:

Bender and Leela laying on their stomachs on a kitchen chair, and looking down at Amy, who is on the floor.
Bender laying in his bed, looking up.
Bender yawning with his bright pink tongue showing!
Amy enjoying a cardboard box.

We just save boxes now, since the kitties love playing with them so much! Most of the time for kitties, the box is way cooler than whatever actually came in it!

Amy relaxing in the litter box.

The cat equivalent to lounging on the toilet!

Leela napping my my arms.
Leela laying on my computer.

Leela thinks I’m working too hard, lol!

Bender laying on top of me in bed in the morning, getting pets.

Wake up and pet me!!

Leela laying on our bed.

Leela has such a beautiful permanent eye makeup look!

Amy licking her lips.

Very well timed photo!

Maybe I’m just biased…but these three are just friggin adorable! We are having loads of fun with them. They are a wonderful part of our family now. ❤

Thank you, dear readers, for reading, following, and sharing. Here’s to your well-being. xoxo

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