Hiking at Seal Point, San Mateo Offers a Stunning 360 Degree View of the Bay Area

By Rachel Puryear

Kwame and I enjoyed a wonderful hike this weekend at Seal Point, a park in San Mateo along the Bay Trail. If you visit, be sure to go up to the top of the hill (there is a driving path up to the top if you are not able to walk it, but if you are able-bodied the walk up the hill is short, and pretty easy). From there you can enjoy some stunning 360 degree views of the Bay Area! We went a little before sunset, which offered awesome color schemes in the sky, as well.

Enjoy these photos, and also check it out in person if you’re in the area:

Panoramic view of the Bay, and San Mateo and the East Bay from the top of the hill.
View towards the San Mateo bridge, with the sun setting against the East Bay mountains, making them appear to glow.
A view of the marshlands at low tide, as well as rain cloud formations overhead, from along the Bay Trail.

As an additional bonus, the Bay Trail offers both hiking and biking paths. There are separate dirt paths for much of the trail that are not very crowded, if you want a little more space while walking. Plus, the area around the hill has a large dog park, where you can bring your furry friend and enjoy together!

Thanks for reading, and stay safe and healthy out there. xoxo

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