Sex and Coronavirus: Answers in Case You Didn't Know Who to Ask

By Rachel Puryear

If you are looking for fun indoor activities which will give you good exercise while quarantined – or at least a distraction from urges to snack – you might be wondering how safe sexual activities are right now. Maybe you didn’t know who to ask.

The New York City Health Department kindly answered this question, and their report has come down for the public. Some delicate soul subsequently found such an educational report objectionable, and apparently pulled it out of NYC Health’s website quickly. However, some good citizens first got screenshots of it, including here.

Cartoon with a couple in bed, the woman looks at her phone and says, “Health officials are urging sheltering couples to practice sexual distancing so as not to overwhelm hospitals with pandemic babies in December”. By Michael Samuel.

The main takeaways are:

  • There is still a lot which is unknown about the virus, so information may change. The virus transmits through saliva, mucus, and feces, but has not been found in the sexual fluids of infected people. So kissing will spread it, but it appears that other sexual activities are less likely to.
  • Having sex with yourself is the safest, and having sex with someone you live with is the next safest. Having sex with others outside your household is not advised, or at least not with multiple partners.
  • You should avoid having sex if you or the other person does not feel well.

So, if you have a partner who lives with you, you can carry on as usual, as long as you both feel well. If you are single, or you have a significant other who does not live with you, caution is advised. But the swinger parties should wait until the pandemic situation is more under control. 😉

Here is a quote for the day: “The nicer you treat her outside the bedroom, the naughtier it will get inside the bedroom.” – Unknown

Thank you my lovely readers for reading! If this helped you, please share. Be safe, my friends, and stay healthy. Try to help others if you are able, and ask for help if you need it. We will all get through this together. xoxo

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