Hiking in Colma’s Cemeteries

By Rachel Puryear

There’s a little town tucked into the San Francisco Bay Area’s Peninsula region. The neighbors are…quiet. You could say lots of people are…dying to get in. And despite the…grave surroundings, it’s actually a pretty pleasant place to live…if you are among it’s living, that is.

If you count the town’s deceased population, it has one of the largest populations on the Peninsula – but just a small number of living ones.

I’m talking about the town of Colma, also known as the “City of Souls” – famously home to a stunning diversity of cemeteries spanning over centuries, and all arrays of funeral and other related services.

There’s even a pet cemetery and crematorium to memorialize your late four-legged friends. ❤

View of gravestones on grassy hill in Colma, CA.


There are sixteen cemeteries in Colma for humans, plus a pet cemetery. Here are some photos of a few of them. For a complete directory of Colma’s cemeteries, see here:

Holy Cross Catholic cemetery in Colma. I’ve been there many times, as quite a few relatives and ancestors of mine are buried there.

The Chinese cemetery in Daly City (near Colma).

The Italian cemetery in Colma.

The Eternal Home Jewish Cemetery in Colma.

Cypress Lawn Memorial Park in Colma.

Japanese Benevolent Society in Colma.

Greek Orthodox cemetery in Colma.

Pets Rest cemetery in Colma.

There’s No Need to Be Afraid:

Many people think of cemeteries as scary and foreboding places – however, they needn’t be.

They can be peaceful, contemplative, and – often – beautiful places. They’re full of interesting history. And for many of the gravesites, the decedents’ loved ones’ tributes to them are quite touching.

Others find cemeteries to be depressing reminders of their own mortality, as well as sad reminders of lost loved ones. This sentiment is understandable. If it helps, though, places of rest can also be powerful reminders to live in the moment, as well as assuring that those who have passed on are now at peace.

One More Thing…

In visiting cemeteries, please always be respectful of others’ resting places, and give space to mourners. Thank you.

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