Emotional Generosity, Contrasted With Emotional Stinginess

By Rachel Puryear There are many kinds of generosity that we all love to feel from others – including generosity of time, money, and efforts on behalf of people and various causes. We also all hate it when people are stingy with us, with any of those things. However, there’s another kind of generosity that’sContinue reading “Emotional Generosity, Contrasted With Emotional Stinginess”

Empathic People and Anti-Entitlement

By Rachel Puryear There’s no doubt you’ve heard a lot about entitlement lately – entitled people, entitled children, entitled relatives, entitled whomever, a more entitled society; the list goes on and on. Articles and self-help books and advice abound about how to deal with entitled people, as well as how to avoid raising entitled childrenContinue reading “Empathic People and Anti-Entitlement”

Acknowledging Pain and Hardships Does Not Make One a Victim – But Here’s What Does

By Rachel Puryear When someone frequently plays the victim, it can be toxic and destructive – for themselves, as well as for other people around them. We’re all guilty of playing the victim sometimes. Doing so now and then is a part of human nature, as we tend to much more easily see ways inContinue reading “Acknowledging Pain and Hardships Does Not Make One a Victim – But Here’s What Does”

A Life Lesson We Can All Learn from Circus Elephants

By Rachel Puryear Ever been to the circus? If so, watching the animals perform is always an amazing part of the show. You might have also wondered where the circus gets these animals, and how they are trained for performance. There are wildlife rescue organizations around the world who take in orphaned baby animals andContinue reading “A Life Lesson We Can All Learn from Circus Elephants”

Challenging People When They Say, ‘You Couldn’t Possibly Understand…’

By Rachel Puryear Have you ever been in a highly emotionally charged argument with someone, and the other person countered your points with something like…”Well, of course you would see it that way. What could you possibly understand about my situation? You couldn’t possibly understand. You’ve never been there.” If we’re being honest, we’ve probablyContinue reading “Challenging People When They Say, ‘You Couldn’t Possibly Understand…’”

Signs a Friendship Has Run Its Course

By Rachel Puryear Let’s face it – people often have a romanticized view of platonic friendships, too, in addition to romantic ones. There’s an ideal of friends being besties for life; but in the real world, things often don’t work out that way. There are friendships out there that do last happily and healthily untilContinue reading “Signs a Friendship Has Run Its Course”

Understanding the Differences Between Kindness and Love Bombing

By Rachel Puryear We all want to feel loved. It’s human nature. Many of the things we all do but don’t understand why are rooted in our desire to love and to be loved. That’s a good point to always keep in mind. Efforts to love and be loved are nothing to be ashamed of.Continue reading “Understanding the Differences Between Kindness and Love Bombing”

Crybullies: Bullies Who Victimize by Playing the Victim

By Rachel Puryear When most of us think of bullies, we tend to visualize someone powerful and tough. We imagine a bully getting their way through intimidation, and well-founded threats of harm. We tend to think of male bullies as big and strong, and relying on their ability to beat people up in order toContinue reading “Crybullies: Bullies Who Victimize by Playing the Victim”

What if We’ve Been Wrong All Along About the So-Called “Midlife Crisis”?

By Rachel Puryear There’s a common cliché in our culture known as the “midlife crisis”. The phenomenon is widely perceived as someone throwing away a good life path for questionable choices – such as, for example; “abruptly” leaving a “successful” career, and at the cost of one’s professional and social reputation – or, some variationContinue reading “What if We’ve Been Wrong All Along About the So-Called “Midlife Crisis”?”

Simple Ways to Help the People of Ukraine Now

By Rachel Puryear With war unfolding as Russia invades Ukraine, you may be wondering how you can help. No one can singlehandedly stop the war, but there are several simple things that anyone can do right now to help people in Ukraine who very much need it. Here are good organizations you can contribute to,Continue reading “Simple Ways to Help the People of Ukraine Now”